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Protect Your Investment

A home and/or business are the largest investments people will make in a lifetime.  Protect your investments.  Not only does window film block 99% of the sun's damaging UV rays, but it will also increase a window's functionality and improve its energy efficiency.  This converts into lower monthly bills, more privacy, added comfort, and greater protection from the unexpected elements.  

Save Energy.
By rejecting the sun's solar energy, window films for commercial  and residential applications help reduce energy bills.  Additionally, comfort levels will be significantly improved with the reduction of uncomfortable hot spots and annoying glare. You’ll see an immediate return on your investment, plus, your employees, customers, and/or family will thank you.

Reduce Fading.  
The sun’s ultraviolet is a major contributor to the fading of window dressings, storefront displays, carpets, and wood floors. That’s why you need window film in your home, store front, or commercial building now! They reject 99% percent of the sun’s harmful and damaging ultraviolet light, helping to prolong the life of your furnishings and valuables.  

Stay Safe and Secure.
Standard films provide an increased measure of shatter resistance to windows and glass doors because the film and its special mounting adhesive helps hold glass fragments in place. However, if safety and security are your major concerns, we offer thicker films that provide more safety and security. These thicker films provide shatter resistance to help pass inspection for home and building code. 

Improve Aesthetics  

Regardless of architectural design, window films installed on homes and commercial buildings are the most cost-effective way to enhance a property’s exterior appearance. With a vast variety of different shades, colors, and performance levels, its very easy to match films with the interior and exterior of the home or building.  

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